Ankylosaurus is the first armored dinosaur to appear in Terr Nova. Dr. Malcom Wallace discovered an unhatched egg in a nest near the crime scene where a security officer was killed by a Nykoraptor. Unfortunately, the shell was cracked and Malcom thought the embryo was dead, but when Zoey Shannon looked at the egg, it began to shake, proving Malcom wrong. Then, he had some bad news. Apparently, the embryo's front right leg was joined to its neck. And if it were to hatch, it would suffocate within a few minutes. Luckily, Dr. Elizabeth Shannon managed to correct the problem via internal laser surgery. A few hours later, the baby hatched in good health, and also became Zoey's new pet. She decided to name him Boxer, but he was growing rather quickly and eventually she released Boxer back into the wild. At first, Boxer didn't want to leave zoey, because she was the first he saw when he hatched. But suddenly, out of the bushes came Boxer's mother.



Ankylosaurus magniventris


"Armored lizard"


5 Feet


33 Feet


7 Tons

Deaths Caused:


Creature Type:


Fact FileEdit

Ankylosaurus was one of the last dinosaurs on Earth. It was first discovered in Montana in 1906. It was named by famous fossil collector Barnum Brown; the same man who discovered another dinosaur that shared its environment a year earlier. It was the most terrifying predator the world has ever known: Tyrannosaurus rex. Luckily, this walking tank was far from defenseless. Its body was covered in bony plates, and rather surprisingly, even its eyelids are made of bone! And if that wasn't enough to protect it from the tyrant lizard king, its tail ended in a large bony club. In fact, Ankylosaurus' tail is its main defense mechanism. The tail of Ankylosaurus could swing 180 degrees left or right, and generate 4,500 pounds of pressure per square inch on impact. Just one swing can break a T-rex's ankle.