Brachiosaurs are the first animals the Shannon family encounters on Terra Nova, and by far the largest. Zoey Shannon, the family's 5 year old daughter, first notices a herd of feeding Brachiosaurs outside the perimiter fence. Small branches rained down on her as the massive sauropods filled their stomachs with tree ferns. She offers some fallen branches to the Brachiosaurs who appear to have become her new friends. These large sauropod dinosaurs travel in herds and are not a threat to the colony. They have long necks for reaching into the treetops and long whip-like tails which they use for defense against predators like Carnotaurus. They're rusty brown overall with bright orange spots, red heads, and light purple underbellies.



Futalongosaurus dukei


78 Feet


120 Feet


64 Tons

Deaths Caused:


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Fact FileEdit

The exact name of the Brachiosaur in Terra Nova is a mystery, but since it shares the environment with Carnotaurus, it is probably Futalongosaurus dukei. This large sauropod was discovered in Argentina in 2007 and was the last surviving species of a family of sauropod dinosaurs that thrived for 68,000,000 years.