Carnotaurus is the first carnivore the Shannon family encounters on Terra Nova. Commander Taylor hires Jim as Terra Nova's newest security officer when he spots two sixer rovers on the outskirts of the colony. As Taylor and Jim chase after them they open fire, but they're not firing at them... Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, a Carnotaurus appears out of the bushes. It catches one of the sixers off guard, and swallows him whole. Taylor manages to get its attention and leads it to the main gate where it is driven away with sonic booms, which could indicate that Carnotaurus is very sensitive to loud noises. Another Carnotaurus also killed Dr. Jonathan Guagenti, who was infected by a strange virus that caused him to lose his memory. In another encounter, Jim smuggles a juvenile through the portal to distract the security guards so he can deploy a powerful bomb to destroy Hope Plaza. It turns out, the juveniles are far mor dangerous than the adults. That may be because they have higer levels of testosterone in their bodies; making them more agressive. In turn, the one that Jim brings wioth him kills 4 people.



Carnotaurus sastrei


"Meat eating bull"


12 Feet


25 Feet


2 Tons

Deaths Caused:


Creature Type:

Abelisaur, Theropod

Fact FileEdit

Carnotaurus is an Abelisaur, a primitive theropod with a large head, short and stumpy arms, and in some species, rather bizzare facial ornaments. Carnotaurus was first discovered in Argentina in 1985. It had two large horns on its head which were probably used in head-butting contests for dominance or mates.