Meganeura is the largest insect in Terra Nova. Despite its menacing size, it's not a threat to the colony. Its body is light green with darker green spots, its wings are transluscent, and its eyes are a shimmering ruby red. Mira was using one as a carrier pigeon to transmit messages to Josh Shannon's friend, Skye, who agreed to bring medicine for them so they can find a cure for a mysterious disease that infested their camp and was killing her mother (Fortunately, she survived).


Scientific Name:

Meganeura vischerae


14 Inches


3 Feet


2 Pounds

Deaths Caused:


Creature Type:


Fact FileEdit

Meganeura is the largest dragonfly that ever lived. It was first discovered in Scotland in 1979 and became the fossil find of the decade. Other fossil specimens of this large dragonfly were also found in Kansas in 2004. During the time of Meganeura, much of the earth was covered in humid swamps dominated by huge tree ferns 150 feet tall. With all these plants, the atmosphere was 35% oxygen. This helped the insects of the time grow into monsters. Perfect habitat for monster dragonflies.