Nykoraptors are fast and intelligent raptors with three rows of flesh-ripping teeth (Ironically, Commander Taylor describes them as "two-legged sharks"). They also have long whip-like tails for balance, as well as a trait shared by all raptors: a large sickle-shaped claw on each foot. Like most raptors, Nykoraptors are covered in feathers that are used for insullation and display. They're also one of the few raptors that can climb trees (Other arboreal raptors include Anchiornis, Siornithosaurus, Microraptor, Scipionyx, Rahonavis, and Avisaurus). Their bodies are rusty orange with a dark brown stripe on either side with light purple underbellies and tufts of bluish-green display feathers on the head, arms, and tail. Like all raptors, Nykoraptors are extremely dangerous and they're incredibly fast; able to obtain speeds of up to 45 miles an hour in just a few strides. They also hunt in packs and work as a team to bring down their prey. And they make a wide variety of bird-like calls for communication between members of the pack.



Sinusonasus magnodens


3 Feet


6 Feet


120 Pounds

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Fact FileEdit

The Nykoraptor seems to be based on a species of raptor closely related to Troodon; the smartest of all dinosaurs. And judging from the size of its eyes and nostrils, sight and smell must be important since they tend to be more active a night. So it narrows the list of candidates down to Sinusonasus magnodens. This raptor was discovered in China in 2005. It had large eye sockets and huge nasal cavities, making it a perfect match to the Nykoraptor.