Ovosaurs are Coelurosaurs; theropods with long necks, long tails, and in some species, soft protofeathers for insullation. Their not aggressive, but they're still a threat to the colony; in a rather unusual way. These medium-size theropods seem to have a taste for the nickel in the power cables. They're exact diet is unknown, but they most likely prey upon fish and small lizards. They're light green in color with turquoise blue underbellies and their protofeathers form patches of magenta, orange, and yellow on their heads, arms, and tails.



Sinocalliopteryx gigas


"Beautiful Chinese bird"


4 Feet


10 Feet


230 Pounds

Deaths Caused:


Creature Type:

Coelurosaur, theropod

Fact FileEdit

It is unknown what dinosaur the Ovosaurs are based on. But judging from the fact that they're Coelurosaurs, and that they have protofeathers, the most likely candidate is Sinocalliopteryx gigas. It was discovered in China in 2007, and what made it such an amazing discovery was that it's the largest feathered dinosaur ever found. Another surprising thing about Sinocalliopteryx is that it's in the same family as the Compies (Compsognathus triassicus) from the 1997 Jurassic Park film, The Lost World . So it turns out, Sinocalliopteryx is the largest Compy that ever lived.