Despite appearances, Protosphyraena is not a swordfish. Surprisingly, it's actually a prehistoric cousin of barracudas. And just like its modern-day cousins, it was a fast and aggressive predator that prowled the open ocean in search of prey. In Terra Nova, Jim Shannon and Commander Taylor head out to the cove to go fishing. Jim hooks a large Protosphyraena, which nearly drags him into the water, but Taylor grabs hold of him just in time. It's unlikely the Protosphyraena is a threat to to the colony because its modern-day cousins prefer to avoid humans rather than attack them, but it's still a wild animal; and if agitated, it will defend itself. Violently if necessary.



Protosphyraena perniciosa


"First barracuda"


12 Feet


530 Pounds

Deaths Caused:


Creature Type:

Primitive barracuda

Fact FileEdit

Protosphyraena was first discovered in the Kansas badlands in 1877 by renowned 19th century paleontologist, Edward Drinker Cope. During its time, North America was very different than the one we know today. Back in the day, there were no polar ice caps. So sea levels were much higher than today. North America was split into three islands, by what we now know as the Western Interior Seaway. This inland sea was about the same size of the Mediterranean, and only about 300 feet at its deepest; prime habitat for Protosphyraena.