Slashers are medium-sized theropod dinosaurs that live deep in the jungles outside Terra Nova. They get their name from the razor-sharp barbs on the ends of their tails which they use to inflict serious wounds to their prey. These dinosaurs are bluish-green overall with light green underbellies with patches of iridescent purple feathers on the head and arms. They also have bright orange crests on top of their heads and pinkish-red wattles that are used for display. The young male slashers sport bright yellow spots on the backs of their necks which disappear by the age of four, which is when they reach sexual maturity and establish their own territory. They may be beautiful, but they're far from friendly. In fact, slashers are by far the most dangerous dinosaurs in Terra Nova.



Kileskus aristotocus


4 Feet


16 Feet


530 Pounds

Deaths Caused:


Creature Type:

Primitive Tyrannosaur

Fact FileEdit

There has been some debate as to what dinosaur the slasher is based on. It was originally thought that they were based on Proceratosaurus, but the shape of its head crest doesn't match that of the slasher; it faces forward towards the tip of the snout rather than facing backwards with the tip being just over the eyes. Another suggestion was Monolophosaurus, but like Proceratosaurus the shape of its head crest didn't match; more like a shark's fin rather than a football. However, there is one theropod that was the same size, and the shape of its head crest matches that of the slasher perfectly. Its name is Kileskus aristotocus which was discovered in Russia in 2010. Unfortunately, it is unknown if Kileskus actually had the same slashing barbs on its tail. Only the skull, left arm, legs, a few ribs, and some tail vertabrae were found. But if Kileskus did have those barbs, it would've been the top predator in its environment. Another surprising thing about Kileskus is that it is one of the earliest members of the Tyrannosaur family. So apparenty, the most vicious dinosaur in Terra Nova is the great grandfather of Tyrannosaurus rex.