Spinosaurus is by far the largest carnivorous dinosaur that has ever lived; and with no doubt, the top predator on Terra Nova. After an incoming meteor exploded in the atmosphere and generated an electromeganetic pulse, causing the colony to lose power, the leader of the sixers, Mira, saw it as an opportunity for a raid. She unleashed the deadliest weapon in her arsenol, a lone Spinosaurus; completely under her control, or more accurately, abuse. When the Spinosaurus was spotted by two soldiers in a the crow's nest, Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon rushed to the gate and launched flaming arrows with crossbows to ignite a line of gun powder; creating a wall of fire that appeared to give to Spinosaurus pause. Then, something caught Taylor's attention. He noticed scars on the Spinosaurus' legs, which were apparently inflected by Mira's whip.



Spinosaurus aegyptiacus


"Spined lizard"


22 Feet


65 Feet


8 Tons

Deaths Caused:


Creature Type:

Spinosaur, theropod

Fact FileEdit

Spinosaurus was first discovered in Egypt in 1915 by German plaeontologist, Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach. The skeleton was incomplete, but enough bones were found for Stromer to speculate what it looked like when it was alive. Spinosaurus had a skull 8 feet long with a crocodile-like snout and jaws filled with cone-shaped teeth; as well as a large thumb claw 10 inches long. But one thing really stood out. Stromer noticed large bony spines, up to 6 feet tall, sticking out of the vetebrae that make up the dinosaur's back. He speculated that these spines formed a large sail on its back that was probably used for display and to regulate body temperature. Unfortunately, it just so happened that Bavarian Museum of Natural History was just across the street from the Nazi Party Headquarters. On April 27th, 1944, allied bombers invaded Germany; and the most complete skeleton of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was destroyed.

Spinosaurus Lives OnEdit

Yet, the legacy of Spinosaurus lives on. When Jurassic Park 3 was released on July 18th, 2001. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus became the newest dinosaur to get a gold star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A young male Tyrannosaurus rex crossed paths with Spinosaurus and both killers engage in a fight to the death. Spinosaurus emerges victoroius by snapping the T-rex's neck. But in reality this wouldn't be possible because T-rex and Spinosaurus were separated by 20,000,000 years. But still, it was an epic fight between two of the greatest predators the world has ever known.