Xiphactinus is a large predaotry fish and a delecacy in Terra Nova. It is unlikely that it is a threat to the colony. Since it is very popular in the market, these large fish would have to be caught on a regular basis. It is unknown what the Xiphactinus in Terra Nova looks like. It is only shown deep-fried at the market, but it does appear to have relatively large eyes and its jaws are full of razor-sharp teeth. We also know from fossils that it had a large, muscular body and a massive tail for swimming at high speed.



Xiphactinus audax


18 Feet


500 Pounds

Deaths Caused:


Creature Type:

Bony fish

Fact FileEdit

Xiphactinus was first discovered in Kansas in 1870 by paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope. Since then, eleven more specimens were documented. The most famous one was discovered in the Kansas badlands in 1952 by Charles Sternberg's son, George. A 13-foot Xiphactinus was found with a smaller fish still in its stomach. The victim was a 6-foot relative of Xiphactinus, Gillicus arcuatus. Apparently, it was such a mouthful, that the Xiphactinus choked on it!